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Governors' Working Documents 

The initial intention of this part of the website is to provide a page from which Governors can access the latest versions of various working documents.

Another advantage will be that governors will not need to "Keep their own copies".  

For now, a selection of documents has been uploaded to "test" or  "prove"  the system.


File icon: pdf PNSF Governors Training and Involvement_AsAtEnd1803 [pdf 454KB] Click to download
The records start from January 2014 ~ The date of Federation. Normal Governing Body meetings are NOT included in this record.
File icon: pdf PNSF_Gov_ActionPlan_2017-18_V-05_ForReviewByGovernors [pdf 645KB] Click to download
This document will be reviewed by FGB
File icon: pdf PNSF_Gov_StrategicPlan_2017-20_Ver01 [pdf 135KB] Click to download
A working draft
File icon: pdf Governors' Statement of Impact (2016) [pdf 63KB] Click to download
Being updated
File icon: pdf Summary of Skills Audit (2017) [pdf 415KB] Click to download
Based upon the forms etc. produced by NGA