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What is the role of the Plymouth Nursery Schools Federation Governing Body?

All schools must have a governing body as required by government regulations.  It is made up of parents, representatives from the local community and members of the School and Day Care staff.  All members give their time voluntarily.
Our aim is to assist in providing the best early years education for your children.  We are responsible for the recruitment of our staff, approving school policies and supporting the implementation of the plans set out by our staff to aid the teaching and learning of our children.

As parents and carers you are welcome to raise any issues or concerns through your Parent Governor representatives who you can contact through your school’s administrator.

How often are the meetings?

The governing body meets monthly during the school term to hear reports from the Headteacher and his staff on the schools’ performance which we question, discuss and refine any proposals. (There is also smaller sub-group of governors that meet four times a year to discuss Finance.) 

The Finance Sub-Group

The aim of the Finance Sub-Group is to assist the Head teacher with the detail of the financial aspects of the overall "Strategic Plan" for the Federation.

Other "Requirements"

There is a requirement, that on the website, we publish details of each Governor covering their business and financial interests and their governance role in other schools.  That information is in the next tab (Appointments and Interests).