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Admissions to Ham Drive Nursery School

The advice below amplifies that of the latest Plymouth City Council Policy which can be seen on our site at this link.

All children who are three and over are eligible for 15 hours of Nursery Education Funding. At Ham Drive Nursery School we are currently able to admit your child from their third Birthday.  We do offer places for 3 + 4 Year olds who have 30hrs funding

Our school has a Planned Admission Number of 52 meaning we can take 52 children in the morning and 52 in the afternoon.

When spaces are limited we will operate a waiting list with priority being given to families who have registered earliest. If the school is full your child will need to wait to start until the term following their third Birthday; as follows:

i. Those entering in the Autumn Term (Term 1) must have had their 3rd birthday on or before the 31st August that year. 

ii. Those entering in the Spring Term (Term 3) must have had their 3rd birthday on or before the 31st December the previous year. 

iii. Those entering in the Summer Term (Term 5) must have had their 3rd birthday on or before the 31st March that year. 

Application forms should be completed and returned to the school office along with your child?s birth certificate.

Children leave Nursery School in the July of the school year in which they are four and move to Primary school in the September. 

As a Local Authority maintained Nursery School we can accommodate children who will be going to any Primary school. We work hard to ensure that your child has a successful transition to their next school and as such liaise closely with all the schools our children go onto.

Admissions to The Day Care

For Day Care places the nursery will hold a waiting list of the names of children wishing to attend the nursery. Parents will be asked to complete an application form and state the number of sessions they require. Parents will be notified at the earliest opportunity of an available place.

Children who have Me2 funding are able to start in the term after their second Birthday according to the same criteria as set out for three year olds above.

Please note:

Our nursery is very popular and we generally have a waiting list. Once your child has a nursery place we ask that they attend every day. If they are sick, please phone the office to let us know. If your child fails to attend on a regular basis they could lose their nursery place, because the Government funding has to be accounted for.