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Disabled Access:

Our school is on one level (with the exception of the staffroom) and is fully accessible for disabled pupils, parents/carers and visitors. If you find the front gate (shut at all times for the security of the children) difficult to open please ring the school on 0 1 7 5 2  3 6 6 3 8 9 and someone will be pleased to come out and assist you.

We are an inclusive school and welcome all pupils, families and visitors whatever their gender, age, ability, disablilty, race, creed or religion and encourage and teach our children to welcome all.

Plymouth Nursery Schools Federation Accessibility Plan has been developed and drawn up based upon information supplied by the Local Authority, and consultations with children, parents, staff and governors of the school. Other, outside agencies and specialists have also been consulted. 

Full details can be found on the "General Policies" Tab on this page.