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Our Aims

We would like parents to select our Nursery School and Day Care because they feel confident that we will work in partnership with them to ensure that their children will receive the highest quality of care, learning experience and support. 

We are a specialist school for the under fives with experienced teaching and non-teaching staff led by a Headteacher.

We aim to:-

  • welcome all families regardless of race, creed, colour, social class or religion and value the contribution that they can make to the school and society in general.
  • value the uniqueness of each individual child who comes to our school
  • support the positive development of every child no matter what their background 
  • ensure that we meet the needs of all children including those with Special educational Needs and Disabilities.
  • provide a warm, happy, safe, stimulating and caring environment, in which each child can develop as a whole person.
  • develop in adults and children a love of learning and a desire to continue to expand their knowledge and skills throughout their lives.
  • develop a partnership with parents that will support their child'slearning.
  • help children to live together within a community, to develop a sensitivity to others and to become responsible, independent people.
  • develop in children a positive sense of moral responsibility, self-discipline and respect for authority.
  • instil confidence into children and adults so that they feel valued.
  • develop in children a spiritual awareness and a sense of wonder at the complexity of our world.
  • help children understand and respond to their emotions.
  • recognise and celebrate achievements at all levels.
  • value play as an important part of the learning process.
  • enable children to experience a wide range of learning opportunities and help them to discover some of these in more depth recognising that each child has particular strengths and interests.