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School Uniform

School uniform is not compulsory but many parents choose to provide it for their children. It can help to make getting dressed for schol easier in the morning and also means that your child is wearing something that is designed for the activites they will be doing and prevents mess on their normal clothes.

The following can be purchased from the school office:

  • Sweatshirts
  • Book bags

Additionally your child can wear white (or any colour) t-shirts or polo shirts and track suit or similar trousers or skirts. They need sensible shoes all year round that fit well because they are active and will be climbing, running and jumping as well as building, dancing and riding bikes. Trainers or something similar are ideal because they enable your child to move comfotably but also protect them well.

The children spend a lot of time outside so a pair of wellies and waterproof coats and trousers are essential and in the winter hats, scarves and gloves help. In sunny weather it is essential that they have a hat and preferably wear long sleeves (covered shoulders are especially important) to protect them from sunburn.

Thank you for your co-operation.